I am Charolette Quest. This is, lak, totally, lak, my online journal. So if you say shit to me, then I will fucking, um, ignore you. Sounds like a threat to me.  

Lollipops and Crickets

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Saturday, January 26, 2002 :::
OH YEAH...visit my gay personal site'


I was looking at some good sites, and they use that as their host and it's free. Dot.nu. So why not use it?

::: posted by Charolette at 4:47 PM

Sup everyone? I had to do a gay thing over the weekend. I was trapped with two friends of mine and five thousand queer guys talking about cat dicks and were too busy flooding the bathroom. I was FORCED to. For all I know, I could file a lawsuit for tramatization. That was horrible. And I went to a sum41 concert like, a week ago, and I went to that...club...whatever it's called. The Ice House. Whatever. The concert was kick ass. I hated the music, (duh) but after it I chased down Bizzy and fucked him. LMAO. Actually, I did chase him down and I MET HIM. Drool, drool, drool...but we did do stuff after the concert which was fun. And if ya wanna know exactly what we did, just ask me on AOL Instant Messanger. Bizzy41Rock. It's kinda personal, but hey, I know he's a manwhore. Big deal. I got what I wanted. And Will is done with. OVER. Duh. He should have seen it coming. But I'm going to Zack's house tonight and staying over. He claims "I will never do anything with you. You are my friend. Besides, Will (yeah) can straighten you out." Rolled my eyes, thats what HE SAYS ABOUT EVERY BOYFRIEND OF MINE. They'll "straighten" me out. Heh...yeah. I'm gonna seduce him, but I promise I won't ditch him since he's my pimp. I GOT A NEW PIMP! again, ask me on AOL. I'm so happy.

Right Now:
wearing: ripped up jeans, black one sleeved shirt thing
listening: P.O.D "Alive"
looking: at the screen
reading: "John Wayne Gacy, The Man who Murdered Boys"
feeling: excited and lovely about my NEW PIMP
eating: Ritz crackers
drinking: Coca-Cola
talking: Lars (my best friend, he listens to me and helps me out)
trying to: seduce him. LMAO

::: posted by Charolette at 4:43 PM

Wednesday, January 23, 2002 :::
Hey I am Charolette Quest. How was made day? Fine I guess. Let's see, I finally got a new boyfriend. His name is Will, I really wanted one since Steven, "broke my cold heart" Yeah, I probably popped his cherry before he popped mine. Will, I didn't like Will, he's a fuckin playa. It just so happens, Claire (a friend) gave me green M&Ms, they make me horny, and I decided to seduce poor little Will. Don't think I'm something I'm not. If you do, then...don't bother me faggot. And...well, we fucked, at my house. Yes, I admit, I'm one of those dumb teens who seduce guys at their own houses. I dumped him right after, and my excuse was "you can't stay hard limp dick." He cried and went home. Ooh lah fuckin lah, can't wait for the rumors tomorrow.

Right Now:

wearing: black tank, leather pants and stud belt
listening: Trojan Man commercials
looking: at this screen
reading: Steven Kings, "IT"
feeling: dumb
eating: my dog shit.
drinking: budweiser
talking: Lars (a pimp of mine.)
trying to: pierce my belly button again

::: posted by Charolette at 4:19 PM

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