I am Charolette Quest. This is, lak, totally, lak, my online journal. So if you say shit to me, then I will fucking, um, ignore you. Sounds like a threat to me.  

Lollipops and Crickets

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Wednesday, January 30, 2002 :::
Hey, it's me, Charolette. I've been busy. Zack is no longer a virgin thanks to me. I did it. I succeeded Im so happy! Well, nothing excited. There's a new rumor at school that I'm a dyke, and no, I'm not. Would these people know from experience? Anyways, everyone hi! And no one is going to my personal site! Boo hoo! So I didn't update. My newboyfriend is Damien Diaz. OMG! He's so fine. I'm never dumping him. HOLY SHIT. he's fine. Well, toodles everyone!

Right Now:
Wearing: jeans, red and white striped shirt with zippers
Listening: Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood"
Looking: At my AOL messages
Reading: Crime Lab's Jonbenet Ramsey Story
Feeling: Excited and happy
Eating: nothing
Drinking: Pepsi
Talking: Oz, my bud.
Trying to: Talk him out of being stupid

::: posted by Charolette at 4:59 PM

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